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Public-private partnerships (PPP) is an infrastructure development that involves us in the private sector participation in the planning, financing, construction and operation phases of the utility services, infrastructure or both samples of infrastructure we can develop through the PPP models abound Somalia.

The capital-intensive form of the cardinal infrastructure and competition for working in limited government budget resources have made the governments to ask private organizations like us to satisfy the increasing demand-supply space for the infrastructure, so in this regard, our organization is undertaking to satisfy social seriousness within the financial constraints.

We have drawn the attention of our clients to such extent of adoption that our PPP across the planet differs from everyone widely. Essentially, we emphasize that PPP is utilized in all areas of the public sector area that includes health services, education, water management and public buildings.

While in the industrialization of the nation such as ours i.e Somalia with the huge needs for creating basic infrastructure, PPPs is often seen within the power, road or water sectors so as to prolong Somalia’s rapid economic process.


Benefits and Risks
  • We try to get rid of the management of financial supporting the expenditure from the government's budgetary
  • We introduce the competition in the public and private sectors
  • We take on management exercises and knowledge of civil sector
  • We re-engineer the civil sector services by taking the private sector exercises and capital.
  • Realizing the greater efficiency of traditional methods for providing public services.

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