Procurement & Contract Management

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Contract management is an uninterrupted procurement procedure which makes sure that our suppliers stick to their acknowledged written agreement commitment along with negotiating any upcoming future alterations that will occur when needed.

Garasho manages and maintains all of its relationships with its partners we define our relationships with two core elements of Performance: increase income and minimize costs.

Our procurement management process involves in managing the receipt, ordering, review and acceptance of items from the suppliers. With the involvement of procurement processes we are specified with our supplier relationships and are well managed, ensuring that a high level of service is provided to our clients.


End -to-End Cycles

We are continuously working for improving our effectiveness around this procurement strategical functionality that leads to the reduction of cost, risk reduction, and making better decisions for purchasing materials from different dealers.

Procurement Process

We discuss the amount of applicability and measure the frequency of the factors coming in contracts planning that are scalable which is based on the essence of the procurement.

Risk Management

We understand the value of perceptibility and offering different features and tools that makes our data analyzing quick and simple.

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