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Garasho is data-rich in the field of digital data, it has considerable experience in the collection and interpretation of large and complex datasets. LandIS, using a sophisticated land computerised land information system and is supported by the Somali Government.

The skills developed at Garasho in information system design and development, geographical information systems (GIS) and cartography are available to commercial clients in Somali. Garasho is also a licenced user of a number of leading GIS products which widely used across many sectors. These services offered neatly complement the broad range of interpreted datasets that we lease.


GIS solutions

We can assist in the strategic business evaluation of spatial software technologies and the selection and validation of complementary data resources. We operate to interanational standards and has a wealth of experience in providing quality GIS services to the environmental, utilities, finance and defence sectors.

Data products

Garasho collects and holds a wide range of environmental and soil-related data, including basic soil-survey data, laboratory analyses and numerous derived and thematic datasets. The latter datasets include soil physical and chemical parameters and pedo-transfer functions, agroclimatic information, land suitability factors and environmental risk ratings which can be provided in all common formats and on a variety of media.


Garasho hasexperience in developing and designing databases and associated software for the agricultural and environmental sectors, and offer a wide range of consultancy services for database management,


 We offers a full range of services using digital and traditional mapping techniques including customised map production from design concept to final production, digital and photogrammetric capture and validation of map information, archiving and training support.

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