Facilities Management

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As the trusted leading company of Somalia in facility management, we offer you matchless experience, professional teams, expertise, tools and accreditation. We will help you to set up a suitable maintenance program and provide you with expert advice to aid you in optimizing your processes. Furthermore, we can help you to manage the regular inspections and determine hidden damage in any installed equipment, infrastructure or system, enhancing the flow and reliability.

Applying a hard-hitting maintenance and inspection system is crucial for the safety, steady and sustainability of your facilities. We offer you a complete range of facility management services throughout the life-cycle of your infrastructure, building or industrial plant.

Our facility managers are accountable for the maintenance and preservation of the buildings and assets of the clients’ that support organizations and businesses in any and every commercial enterprise. It can help you in cost-saving your activities that are appreciable in your business.


Key Personnel

We are a Group of visionaries commenced on a path of blazing design, development and equipped with a “we-can-do” mental attitude and management skills, which resulted in a sound financial policy to summon the resources.

Facility Managers

Drawing the outlook of senior management to outside the Facility Management field and, as such, are on the far side from the influence of the Facility Management profession itself.

Soft Vs. Hard Services

Hard services are physically incorporated with the building. They can’t be abstracted and are critical to the environment of work.

Soft services aren’t incorporated with the building and directly give benefit to the employees who interconnect with them

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